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Encased tonight

Just been reflecting about being encased as i am right now. Wearing my Black 0.9mm suit, s10 gas mask hood, and zippers fully secured. I was wondering how ironic it is im also playing My Xbox 360 holding the controller that is also fully encased… Irony i love it!

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Busy Holiday

Squeek Squeek…. I know its been a long time but rubberboi has been quite busy. after the holidays. i will be posting more in the comeing weeks….. for now its off to finish polishing up my rubbery skin…

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Black Friday…. Squeaky Edition

Just got back from a long day lookign at crowds at retailers. Man were they busy. Came back home and polished up my rubber. Then was put into my sleep sack for a nap before goitn up to family for some holiday fun.

Now its time for rubberboi to be put back into his sleep sack for the night again…


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